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BACtrack Vio: Drink Smarter with the Smartphone Breathalyzer That Fits on a Keychain


Redesign Revolution wrote about the release of the BACtrack Vio today, lauding its utility for drinkers everywhere. 

"This tiny device encourages consumers to drink smarter by syncing wirelessly with the free companion smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. The move to use our smartphones to make breathalyzers readily available to consumers could help save lives."

The review focuses in on the convenience of the device, and how, it being so small and having a keyring attached, is extremely easy to take with you wherever you go. It's a no brainer, they propose, to pick up and use the Vio whenever a drinking occasion pops up--no matter how unexpected it might be. 

That said, the review also mentions that the Vio won't prevent drunk driving entirely--but it certainly will raise awareness of BAC. 

"The obstacles for those wanting to drive safe after a night out with friends might be surpassed by the convenience of having the BACtrack Vio in hand. People can make more informed decisions based on a better understanding of their own data-measured limits. If the Vio can make a small difference, it will have proven itself as a powerful technology."

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