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BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Officially Passes the Mom Test


BACtrack Mobile was featured in the Mom Blog Society recently, a blog that's all about moms who are often too busy to do the things they once took for granted because they devote so much time to their families (sound familiar?). On this occasion, the Moms got a chance to let their hair down with a few cocktails--and boy, aren't we thankful they brought along a BACtrack Mobile to monitor their BAC levels.

"How many times have you, a family member or a friend gone out for a night on the town and enjoyed a few drinks? Have you ever gotten pulled over for a DWI ticket? Do you honestly know how many drinks you can have before being at your states limit?"

The Moms make a compelling argument to use a BACtrack. They go on to admit that before BACtrack came along, like many people, they didn't even know that personal breathalyzers were available to the public. Surprise! Get ready to be educated on how your health and well being is affected by your alcoholic beverages.

"Trying the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer and seeing just how advanced it is, we realized that we are pretty much living under a rock! OK maybe not living under a rock we do all have smart phones but you know what I mean!"

No, no, Moms--you're not living under a rock--you're right on time and in the know with that BACtrack Mobile!

They go on to explain that they have a wonderful time and are able to time their return home perfectly with the use of their BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer. 

As the Moms Society heartily encourages, be safe, save a life, and use a BACtrack every time you drink. Words to live by.