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Gizmodo Analyzes BACtrack Consumption Report

After gathering anonymous data for a year, BACtrack has collated and analyzed over 100,000 data points from BACtrack Mobile readings to make some fascinating assertions about how we drink, where we drink, and when we drink the most. The assertions, gathered and illustrated handsomely in the BACtrack Consumption Report, are turning heads, most recently in Gizmodo.

Gizmodo has written about the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer before. This time, however, they dig into the insights in the report and give their take on the data.

"Not surprisingly, New Year's Day had the single highest number of unique users and the greatest number of tests - nearly double that of any other day. The next highest day for number of tests was Christmas Day. But guess what? According to BACtrack's data, neither of these holidays were among the top drunkest days of the year... BACtrack's data shows that the days with the highest average BACs were Saturday, June 22 (.115% BAC), Saturday, July 27 (.097% BAC), and Friday, Aug 9 (.097% BAC)... Do you know what's special about those days? Absolutely nothing! Could it be that it was simply great weather out and so everyone got plastered? Probably... let's keep in mind that this is data from just one year (2013). I'd be willing to bet that the top three dates this year will be completely different. Let's keep an eye on this, going forward."

Probably a correct assertion on Gizmodo's part. They also had something interesting to say about the day in the week Halloween falls on. 


"...When Halloween was in the middle of the week last year, people decided to live it up on the Saturday before rather than the Saturday after. Good to note for future party planning purposes."

For more interesting commentary, check out the original article.