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See the BACtrack Consumption Report, BAC Insights Driven by Over 100,000 Data Points

For the first time ever, consumer BAC data is available to the public, providing insight into alcohol consumption patterns throughout the nation--thanks to data culled anonymously from users of the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer.

While some of this information has always been displayed anonymously on the BACtrack WorldView Map, this is the first time global drinking habits were analyzed to extract insights.  

"With BACtrack's technology, we are able to glean specific data, like the fact that June 22, 2013 had the highest average reading (0.115%) out of any day in 2013," said Keith Nothacker, CEO and Founder of BACtrack. "Our goal is to enlighten the general public on alcohol consumption habits so that they become more responsible drinkers."

View the full report here.