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BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Reviewed on Jebiga

Tech and device blog, Jebiga, reviewed the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer recently, accentuating some its finer points as a breath alcohol detector with above average capabilities.

"This device is very accurate," they proclaim, "it can detect up to 0.001% of alcohol." They go on to explain how useful this type of accuracy really can have for the everyday drinker.

There is undeniably some magic implicit to the design of this device, Jebiga explains. "After blowing into the device, and getting your results, you have the option of learning more. This is where the magic begins. You can see the estimated time period for sobering up, map your location, take photos and notes of your drinks, and save and share your results. You can even share the results privately via text. You can also see your drinking habits through charts, and see your body’s reaction to alcohol."

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