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How to Drink Like a Modern Man

AskMen.com asked a simple question recently--what does it mean to drink like a modern man? Their answer was interesting, and relevant to all 21st century imbibers, no matter what their sex.

Drinking like a modern--ahem--person means drinking responsibly, being in control, not letting yourself be owned by your drinks. Having fun, without being played. And how can a modern person do that? With the aid of state-of-the-art technology, of course--including the most accurate smartphone breathalyzer on the market. 

"Keep your alcohol consumption in check with the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer. The BAC (blood alcohol content) tracking gadget works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices via Bluetooth to accurately display BAC levels on mobile devices. Beyond showing you current BAC levels, the associated app helps you estimate when your BAC will return to lower, sober levels and helps you track what you drink with photos, notes, and drinking logs."

You're using your BACtrack Mobile every time you drink, right? Good. Check off that box and keep living as a master of your own destiny, a lion of self control, and a responsible, contributing member of the 21st century. Be a force of good in the world--know your BAC and make more informed decisions. 

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