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BACtrack Mobile Counted as One of Best Apps for Avoiding DUI

An article appeared recently in Techiezlounge reviewing a few of the best apps and devices for drinking safely and avoiding DUI conviction. At the top of the list was BACtrack Mobile

"Thousands of people in the US are arrested yearly on account of driving under influence or DUI... With advancement in technology, people are better aware of the risk of driving under influence and are using smartphone apps to reduce the car accidents and crashes because of drunk driving," they say.

"BACtrack Mobile is one of the best breathalyzer available for iOS and Android devices. The breathalyzer accurately measures the amount of alcohol in your system and can predict when you will be able to drive safely based on your breath test result. The app also provides real-time BAC results globally with the option for the user to share his or her result privately in social media like Facebook. The app is wireless and connects to your device via Bluetooth easily."

For more information, read the full article here