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BACtrack Breathalyzers: Increased Celebrating During Holidays Leads to Higher Death Rate

It's the holiday season, which for many of us means celebrating more than we normally do. Unfortunately, it also means a spike in car crashes due to impaired driving. However, there is a way to be smarter about your celebrating.

"Thanks to our iPhones and some innovative technology from a host of companies, we now have it in our power to know without a doubt if we've had too much to drink."

The Unofficial Apple Weblog posted this recently, along with a review of the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer and it's most salient features.

"Instead of just telling you how inebriated you are, the app also allows you to track it over a period of time -- and, more importantly -- can tell you when your BAC will return to 0.00 percent."

They make an interesting point about how bar owners would benefit from having a unit in their establishment to give certain patrons the wake up call they need.

"It'd be great to see bar and pub owners keeping one of these behind the bar. It also gives those responsible drinkers another option for keeping tabs on their fun and alerting them when it's time to let someone else get behind the wheel."

"BACtrack has been a global leader in breathalyzer technology for more than a decade and the engineering that went into its BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer shows it... It's one of the few iPhone accessories that can actually save a life this holiday season."

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