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Using a breathalyzer not only educates you about your health and your body, it also empowers you to be a more responsible individual. Why leave your life, your livelihood, and the well being of your loved ones to chance when you can know where you stand and make more informed decisions? 

Why a Breathalyzer? Video


Here's a list of reasons why a breathalyzer just might be the most important device you purchase this year.



Because: I want to know how alcohol affects my body.

Moderate alcohol consumption can improve your physical, mental, and emotional health; too much dramatically increases your risk of health problems. But with so many factors affecting your BAC—from the strength of your drinks to your current rate of metabolism—it’s hard to know where that line is. A BACtrack breathalyzer can be an essential tool for learning how alcohol affects your body and making healthy decisions.

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Because: Professional organizations need professional-grade testing tools.

Erratic or inappropriate behavior on the job can be caused by many factors—from work-induced stress to complications at home. If you suspect alcohol may be a factor, there’s only one way to be sure. Knowing that the safety of your employees and customers is at stake--not to mention your company’s reputation--breathalyzers offer a quick and discreet method of testing alcohol levels on the job.

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Because: I'm responsible for the safety of my team.

Certain lines of work are too dangerous to risk the mental and physical impairment that alcohol brings. Businesses involving the operation of vehicles, machinery, or heavy equipment are not only responsible for their employees’ safety and the public safety, but have their own reputations and financial liability to think about. Monitoring workers’ BAC with breath alcohol testing devices ensures a higher level of transparency and accountability.

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Because: It's fun to test myself.

Simply put, once you begin to monitor your BAC, it’s quite fascinating. You’ll see how your BAC is rarely the same, even if you’ve consumed the same amount of alcohol—and that’s because so many factors affect your BAC. We guarantee that once you take out your BACtrack breathalyzer, you aren’t the only one who will want to try it.

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Because: What pops up in a Google search can ruin my reputation.

A DUI arrest is a good way to get your name and picture in the newspaper, but probably not the way you would prefer. Avoid the shame, stress, expense, and long-term social and career consequences associated with a DUI arrest and potential conviction.

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Because: Once the police pull you over, it's already too late.

Everybody knows the legal driving limit is 0.08% BAC-- but what does that really mean? You can get a DUI for having any amount alcohol in your system, even the morning after a night of drinking. Without a breathalyzer, you really have no idea where you stand. Would you rather find that out on the side of the road?

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