Ask The DUI Expert, Officer Pelarenos

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious, yet frighteningly common criminal offense. No one plans on getting a DUI. But being informed on what is involved from a law enforcement officer’s perspective can be enlightening.

In this new series of articles exclusively from BACtrack Breathalyzers, we will take customers’ questions and pose... Read more >

BACtrack Vio Debuts in Entrepreneur


BACtrack Vio appeared in Entrepreneur last week, announcing its entry to the market of smartphone breathalyzers.

"The company announced yesterday the launch of a new keychain-sized breathalyzer device called the BACtrack Vio, which syncs with users’ smartphones to wirelessly track blood alcohol content. It is priced at $49.99 and... Read more >

Can a Breathalyzer be Chic? Glamour Thinks So

Glamour reviewed BACtrack Vio last week, and they had some choice comments about the utility of our newest smartphone breathalyzer. 

"The BACtrack Vio is a teensy little gadget that hooks right onto your key chain. It's a breathalyzer—you simply blow into it for a few seconds, and all the info about your... Read more >

BACtrack Vio Wows Reviewers at Gagetsin

BACtrack Vio was reviewed--and well received--by the gang over at just last week. 

"The Vio is a versatile app-enabled breathalyzer," they begin. "The breathalyzer sports a sleek, ultra portable design, and using an included key ring, you can easily attach it on your keychain for quick access. Most importantly, the breathalyzer features a proprietary MicroCheck sensor technology that... Read more >

360 Features BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer

The design and style blog, 360, featured the BACtrack Vio recently. 

"A new pocket sized smartphone breathalyzer has been launched today by BACtrack called the BACtrack Vio which is priced at just $50 and has been designed to support both Android and iOS devices.

"BACtrack’s small smartphone breathalyzer, offers a host of app-enabled features... Read more >

NPR Features BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer

NPR published a great story this week about how keychain breathalyzers, and BACtrack Vio in particular, can positively affect people's drinking behaviors. By using a tool like the Vio, drinkers can monitor their blood alcohol content safely and effectively. And being so small and convenient,... Read more >

TUAW Gives BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer Top Marks


Smartphone breathalyzers--they're a pretty hot commodity these days. But which one is the best for you and your needs? The recent release of the BACtrack Vio has certainly turned people's heads--especially those who are new to the smartphone breathalyzer market. As The Unofficial Apple Weblog, or TUAW, holds forth in their recent review, "with the new price and smaller... Read more >

ESPY Nominated Pro Athletes Go Home with $23,000 Swag Bag, Including a BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer


Last week, at the Drake-hosted ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, both nominees and presenters walked away with a gargantuan gift bundle that included, among other highly coveted items, a BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer. While it may have been one of the smaller gifts size-wise, it certainly was the only thing there that... Read more >

Chip Chick: BACtrack Vio is a Keychain-Sized Bluetooth Breathalyzer and it Works!


"The people’s breathalyzer is back and smaller than ever," Chip Chick announced last week in her review of the newest, coolest, sleekest and funkiest smartphone breathalyzer ever created: BACtrack Vio. The review starts off with some comparisons to BACtrack Mobile, naturally--and she finds Vio an upstanding and worthy rival. 

"The... Read more >

BACtrack Vio: Drink Smarter with the Smartphone Breathalyzer That Fits on a Keychain


Redesign Revolution wrote about the release of the BACtrack Vio today, lauding its utility for drinkers everywhere. 

"This tiny device encourages consumers to drink smarter by syncing wirelessly with the free companion smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. The move to use our smartphones to make breathalyzers readily available to consumers could help... Read more >