Ask The DUI Expert: How Do Police Recognize Drunk Drivers on the Road?

This week, we ask Officer William Pelarenos: What is it that makes a police officer consider pulling over a car? What are the tell-tale signs of a drunk driver?

Officer Pelarenos: Police Officers always look for traffic violations such as speeding, improper lane usage or... Read more >

Popular Science Features BACtrack Vio

The October issue of Popular Science features the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer in their Obsessed column, along with a few other cool tech devices they are currently lusting for. Here's what they say: 

"The size of a keychain, the Vio is one of the smallest breathalyzers available. It measures blood alcohol content, and even... Read more >

Refusing a Breathalyzer Case Goes to the North Dakota Supreme Court - Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson-KXNEWS,ND

In North Dakota, a case has gone to the Supreme Court which challenges the constitutional right for police to require a breathalyzer test of drivers. The case dates back to 2013 when Bismarck police pulled over a woman refused to consent to a breathalyzer test after being pulled over.

The basic argument surrounds what a driver consents... Read more >

BACtrack App Update Deemed "Way Prettier"

Android Police published a review of the new BACtrack Android App, noting it's "Way Prettier" than v1.0.

Here are some of the notable excepts from their review:

"Drinking alcohol is a thing people like to do. Unsurprisingly, some people aren't sure when enough is enough, so they continue to drink said alcohol until things get...bad. We've looked... Read more >

Android Headlines Covers the New BACtrack App Update


Android Headlines just did a neat little write up on the BACtrack Android App update. Here are some of the notable excepts from their review: 

"If you enjoy having a drink now and again, it’s important to drink responsibly and make sure that you don’t put yourself or anyone else around you... Read more >

Woman Arrested for Drunk Ordering a Pizza Online While Driving

Which is worse: drunk driving, distracted driving, or distracted drunk driving?

In the eyes of the law, all three are judged the same--with a swift slap of justice and a cold, harsh, expensive sentence. Earlier this week, one Louisville, KY woman found this to be all too real when she was arrested for driving drunk... Read more >

BACtrack Mobile: A Must Have Accessory You've Probably Never Even Considered

Reverse Wine Snob is known for his ability to sniff out the best tasting wines available for an affordable price. Recently, he diverged from wines to sniff out a different kind of deal--a device that attaches to your smartphone to tell you your alcohol level and inform you when to say no to another glass... Read more >

Yahoo Suggests BACtrack Vio Breathalyzer for Parental Survival Kit

Being a parent isn't easy. Your kids start off adorable little bundles of joy, to whom you were wise, knowing, and all powerful. Then one day you wake up and find them to be disrespectful, runty teenagers who just want a stocked fridge and the keys to your car. Everything you thought you knew about... Read more >

BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzers: Devices Only a Well Connected Mother Could Love

If you've got an active social life and kids to take care of at home, or a husband who just won't behave on nights when he should, BACtrack Mobile and BACtrack Vio can be your best friends. As Well Connected Mom testifies in her recent review of our smartphone... Read more >

Budweiser Ad Drives Home the Meaning of Drinking Responsibly

Could it be the dog, the concept, or the emotion elicited? Whatever it is, Budweiser is taking a big step toward drinking responsibly with an ad that plays like a heart string concerto and makes the repercussions of drinking and driving come to life.

Created for their Global Be(er) Responsible Day, which was last Friday, Budweiser's ad can be seen as a sequel... Read more >