7 Ways to Get the Most From Your BACtrack

Are you getting the most out of your BACtrack? Here are 7 ways to maximize the value of your breathalyzer.

  1. Review the user manual. If you haven’t done so already, this is a great place to begin to get to know your BACtrack better. There’s lots of important information packed into those small... Read more >

WIRED Features Benefits of BACtrack / Apple Watch Compatibility

The Apple Watch is expected to hit the shelves before you know it, and with it come a host of powerful apps capable of not only monitoring your behaviors, but helping shape them in a positive way.

A recent article in WIRED sums up the most highly anticipated apps being developed for Apple Watch, including BACtrack. 

"The watch could even... Read more >

BACtrack Mobile: One Step Closer to a Healthier You

SomeGadgetGuy.com just posted a video review of the "adorably tiny" BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

"BACtrack Mobile is a pretty handy little lifestyle gadget," he begins. "It's like a Fitbit for drinking."

SomeGadgetGuy does a great job at calling out one of the more interesting side effects of using a BACtrack--a heightened sense of self awareness in the midst of a... Read more >

Epic Testing Session with BACtrack Mobile from Technology X

"The worst thing about partying is getting home. For some, it can be awkward, but ever so important, to approach your friends and family to stop them from drinking and driving. While there is no easy way to approach the subject matter, BACtrack has made your life slightly easier."

So begins a recent review of the BACtrack Mobile... Read more >

TechBits Features the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer

ABC 33/40 - Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

A TechBits segment on the Birmingham ABC affiliate recently focused on the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer

"I spotted the BACtrack Vio at the Consumer Electronics Show this year," the reporter says. "It's a breathalyzer that fits on your keychain. The info you get from its app has... Read more >

BACtrack Report Shows Seahawks Fans Outdrink Patriots Fans During Super Bowl

Seattle might have lost the Super Bowl this year, but Seahawks fans did outdrink New England Patriot fans.

The Super Bowl Edition of the BACtrack Consumption Report has been released and quite a few media outlets have used it in stories of how the two football titans' towns celebrated--or commiserated--along with their teams.  

Among the... Read more >

BACtrack Super Bowl Consumption Report Covered by Press

The media can't get enough of the Super Bowl Edition of the BACtrack Consumption Report

BACtrack aggregated the data from almost 1,500 unique BAC tests taken during the Super Bowl. The findings were both interesting and revealing as to the national sentiments and loyalties of the differing geographic areas of the country.

"After last... Read more >

BAC Levels Soared as Katy Perry Roared During the Super Bowl

While football fans across the country had a pretty good time yesterday watching the big game (and averaging 0.057% BAC), BACtrack data now shows that drinking data roughly matches national sports loyalties and sentiments.

Read the full report here. 

BACtrack data collected anonymously from almost 1,500 unique BAC tests showed that Seahawks fans outdrank Patriots... Read more >

BACtrack Trace and Mobile Reviewed by TechPicks

The lads at TechPicks did a great video review of the BACtrack Trace and BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer.

In the video they give a review of how the two devices differ in both operation and performance. They also give some handy suggestions for how you could use these devices in real life--both on your... Read more >

Shopping Confessions Recommends BACtrack Mobile

Australian shopping blog and commentary site, Shopping Confessions, published a review of BACtrack Mobile recently. After a dinner party, the writer had a bit of a scare when her friend almost got behind the wheel while seemingly sober (she had had 4 martinis, but just didn't show it).

The sad but familiar story justifiably frightened the writer, and she soon... Read more >