Drink Smarter. Change the way you think about drinking. Introducing the world's most advanced breathalyzer.

Accurately measure how much alcohol is in your system.
Track what you drank, and where. Capture photos of your favorite drinks  and places. Log drinks and make notes in your own personal drink diary. Track your B.A.C. over time and estimate when you’ll return to 0.00%. Gain a clear picture of your drinking habits. Get a better idea of how your body processes alcohol.
Share your results with one person, or your whole network.
View and save data on your phone. Wipe your history with a single button.
Text your results to check in with friends and family.
Add your BAC result to a global map, without sharing your name or identity.
Share updates with your connections on Facebook and Twitter.
Explore real-time BAC results around the world. Choose to add your own results — anonymously. Watch new results pop up at your favorite digs or across globe.
How it works.
Compatibility Install Pair Test Results
Bactrack Mobile Breathalyzer compatible with apple and android.
Download the free BACtrack app from the App Store. Compatible with iPhone 4S, 5 & iPad 3.
Easy, one-button pairing syncs BACtrack with your phone. New Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy chip. No cords or adapters.
Most-accurate bluetooth breathalyzer. On-screen timer tells you when to blow. Internal air pump regulates air flow for a reliable reading. LED lights signal a successful test.
Gain perspective, by tracking your drinking habits over time. Share results to check in with friends or family.

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BACtrack Mobile works with iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, iPad 3 and 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini 1 and 2, and iPod Touch 5. For Android, it works with Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and other Android 4.3 smart devices equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Bluetooth Smart). Download the free BACtrack Mobile companion app onto your device from Apple’s App Store or Google Play and test away. If you don’t purchase the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer, you can still download and use the app, view the WorldView Map and use the BAC Estimator function.

Early on in the product design process, we made the decision to use Xtend™ Fuel Cell Sensor Technology to maximize accuracy. There’s really no point in using a breathalyzer if it’s not accurate and reliable. BACtrack Mobile uses a fuel cell sensor and a miniature internal breath pump to ensure reliable, consistent results every test. This type of fuel cell technology is the gold standard for handheld law enforcement breath testers. We figured that if people were saving, texting, or sharing results, the results needed to be reliable, even if it pushed up the cost a bit.

BACtrack Mobile is radically different than any breathalyzer ever created. Instructions are big and beautiful on the iPhone display, instead of limited and cramped on a smaller screen on the breathalyzer. Results can easily be saved or deleted from your phone. Safety information and your ZeroLine™ are simply one click away. The power of your smartphone unlocks a variety of new and useful breathalyzer features never seen before.

First, your results are as public or private as you want them to be. Keep data storage off, and there is no record of any test you take. Or take a test and text your result to a friend, or send your result and a note or photo to a friend. We’ve built in the functionality, and you can use as many or as few features as you choose.

We at BACtrack believe that if people are sharing and talking about their Blood Alcohol Content, that’s definitely a good thing. It’s awareness. It’s educational. It creates a dialog about alcohol consumption. We believe lives can be saved if people really truly understand how drinking alcohol affects their BAC, and if people learn how long alcohol stays in their body.

BACtrack WorldView is an experiment. If a BACtrack Mobile user proactively chooses to opt-in, the user can share his results and any photos anonymously and in real time on the WorldView. You can see who is using BACtrack Mobile near you. It shows the last 100 test results in your region or in the most active region. We think this is a great opportunity to raise awareness about breath alcohol testing. It’s just a start – we’re in Beta – but we think we have some great ideas for how to build out the platform, add value to users, and maybe even help make the world a safer place. WorldView is also an example of what can be done with our open API.

My company/group/non-profit wants to partner/resell/biz dev with BACtrack.

Please email us at info@bactrack.com. We read every email.

For Developers. The more people talk about BAC, the more prepared we all are to make good decisions. What will you build to help the effort?