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Preventing a DUI.
There’s an app for that.

BACtrack Mobile estimates your alcohol level and tells you when the alcohol will be out of your system.

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The party’s over and it’s time to head home. This is the moment where, until now, you couldn’t answer the following questions:

  • What is my alcohol level, BAC or Blood Alcohol Content?
  • When will I be sober and able to drive?

Until now, all you could do was guess and try to play back in your mind specific times and details from the last couple hours of enjoyment.

When was my last drink? Was it stronger or a bigger pour than usual? How long does it really take for alcohol to leave my system?

With a BACtrack Mobile, you can take out the guesswork and drink responsibly.

For drivers who want to avoid guessing if they’re sober and safe to drive — as well as the lifelong costs and consequences of a DUI and worse, a drunk driving collision, now there’s a solution: BACtrack Mobile, and it’s just $99 – a small amount to pay for safety and peace of mind.

Blow into BACtrack Mobile and your BAC results are wirelessly sent to the BACtrack app. The app will not only reveal your BAC level with the same accuracy as the breathalyzers the police use, but its patented Zeroline(r) feature will tell you the estimated time for your BAC to return to 0.00%.

Unlike charts, calculators, or rules, BACtrack Breathalyzers don’t use generalizations–they use your breath to estimate your BAC. No other method is quite so fast, convenient and reliable.

BACtrack’s award-winning BACtrack Mobile transforms your smartphone into a professional-grade breathalyzer. It’s enlightening and can actually save lives — and it’s priced at $99.

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Breathe into the BACtrack and results are sent wirelessly to your iOS or Android device.


See accurate reading and a ZeroLine® estimate of when your BAC will reach 0.00%.


Decide what comes next. Save your number? Test someone else? Switch to water? Hand over your keys?

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Eye-Opening Body Alcohol Awareness

Most people have no clue what it really feels like to be at the 0.08% legal blood alcohol limit. They also don’t know how many drinks of which type it takes to get there, or how they’ll feel when they’re safe to drive again.

Seeing as there are many factors affecting BAC, it’s very difficult to estimate how many drinks it would take for an “average person” to reach 0.08%.

Additionally, not all drinks are created the same — a cocktail served at one bar may have double the alcohol as that served at another bar.

If you keep a BACtrack Mobile on hand, you’ll know right away just how your BAC adds up, no matter which of these factors affect you. That’s not all, with BACtrack’s patented Zeroline technology, and you’ll know when you’ll be sober again.

Common factors that affect a person’s alcohol level:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Rate of consumption
  • Drink strength
  • Body type
  • Fat/Muscle content
  • Metabolism
  • Hydration
  • Emotional state
  • Medications you are on
  • Food you’ve consumed
  • Carbonation of drinks
  • Alcohol tolerance
  • Overall health

Data-Driven Responsible Drinking – Never Get a DUI

The costs of a DUI can wreck your financial future. It’s different for every state, but most estimates put the lifetime cost of a DUI at anywhere from $6500 to over $40,000. It depends on your age (teens will pay the most), your previous history of offenses, and whether you got in a one-car accident, hit someone else, or just got pulled over.

But when you factor in higher auto insurance rates, court costs, medical costs, lost income if you get fired or suspended from your job, towing, and so much more, the costs of one DUI extend far beyond the price of the ticket.

So even if you’re lucky enough not to smash your car into a tree, a house, or a store, or injure another driver, biker, or pedestrian – just getting charged with a DUI will cost you thousands of dollars.

With that in mind, having an accurate breathalyzer won’t just save lives. It will save your wallet.

“It’s educational to see how a relatively small amount of alcohol can impact BAC. It’s worth many times the price to avoid a DUI.”

– Adam C., San Diego, CA