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Ah, the annual white elephant gift exchange. Whether it’s at the office Christmas party among co-workers, or at home among friends, this tradition is always a delightful mix of laughter, competition and disappointment. Rather than being the person that brings a gift people will lightly chuckle over in the moment, but ultimately discard, why not be the person that brings the gift that everyone will want? After all, just because a white elephant gift can be a gag gift, doesn’t mean it has to be a gag gift.

We’ve scoured the interwebs and curated this delightful list of the best white elephant gifts for people who drink. Enjoy!

BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Double-Walled Insulated Can Cooler

Ever wonder what would happen if your beer coozy started doing CrossFit? This stylish, slim, and super chill insulator is your answer. And yes- it's White Claw friendly.
$11.80 on

Hillside-Kit Bracelet Bangle Flask

For your friend who likes to keep things classy... and subtle.
$16.99 on

BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzers

Perfect for any social situation, from happy hour to dinner parties, the ultra-portable BACtrack keychain breathalyzer will help you and your friends make better decisions while drinking.
$39.99 on

Chambong Champagne Shooter

Sure champagne flutes are fun, but have you ever chugged an entire glass of bubbly in one gulp? This is a must have for the friend in your life that wants to keep things classy...but not too classy.
$17.99 on

OXO Good Grips Double Wall Ice Bucket with Tongs and Garnish Tray

Double-walled AND a garnish tray?? Oh, you fancy!
$30.99 on

Gone with the Gin: Cocktails with a Hollywood Twist

Forget popcorn - the perfect accompaniment to any movie is an expertly made cocktail. This gorgeously illustrated book is suitable for movie buffs and mixologists alike.
$10.89 on

Stainless Steel Blue Whale Cocktail Shaker

Whale, whale, whale...what do we have here? This shaker is perfect for any orca-asion.
$27.99 at

Cap Catching Magnetic Bottle Opener

The garbage can may be only two feet away, but why put all that effort in? You're not training for the Olypmics. This built-in bottle opener manget will catch up to 25 caps—so you don't have to.
$13.98 on