Fun and Education

Recreational or social alcohol consumption can provide a pleasant respite from the strains and stresses of our daily lives. It may surprise you to find out that tracking your BAC over the course of a drinking period can be just as enjoyable a distraction. Once you begin to monitor your blood alcohol content (BAC), you’ll quickly realize what a powerful and interesting tool a breathalyzer can be. It’s fascinating to learn how alcohol is processed by your body, how long it stays in your bloodstream, and how that can differ from one day to the next and one person to another. In addition, it’s a great conversation starter. Just take a BACtrack breathalyzer out at a party and see if you are the only one who wants to try it. 

Why BAC Readings Can Vary

There are sometimes variances in BAC readings from one person to the next, and one day to another—even if the same amounts of alcohol are being consumed. This is because so many factors affect your BAC, including:

  • Your metabolism
  • How much food you’ve consumed
  • The carbonation level of the alcoholic beverages 
  • How fast you drank
  • Your state of health
  • Your weight
  • Your age
  • Your emotional state
  • Any prescription drugs you may be on

Without a breathalyzer, you can guess what your BAC may be, but you’ll never know for sure. This is why a breathalyzer can be such a useful tool! 

A Funny Kind of Substance

Unlike drugs that target and affect a specific part of your brain, alcohol is funny in that affects pretty much every single area of your brain. From adrenaline to serotonin to dopamine, a vast spectrum of neurochemicals are impacted. That’s why it provides such a palpable feeling -- you are getting both the buzz of a stimulant and the downward slide of a sedative, especially if you have too much.

Of course, while you feel alcohol’s effects in your head, your blood carries it throughout your body—including to your lungs. As the blood moves through your lungs, it mixes with the air that’s going in and out as you breathe. That’s how a breathalyzer can measure the alcohol content of your blood.

Delight and Enjoyment

Owning and using a breathalyzer can be a delightful way to understand how alcohol affects your body. With moderation and regular self-monitoring, you can enjoy the benefits of responsible drinking and the fun breathalyzers can provide both on your own and with friends. Order one today and see for yourself! 

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