How Many Drinks Does it Take to Reach 0.08%?
Calculating your blood alcohol content (BAC) is not as easy as just counting drinks.
With so many unique factors affecting BAC, it's very difficult to calculate how many drinks it would take the "average person" to reach 0.08%.

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Unlike drink charts or online calculators, BACtrack breathalyzers don't use generalizations - they use your breath to estimate your BAC. No other method is as reliable or as accurate.
Find the Right BACtrack for You
From professional models with police-grade sensor technology to app-enabled smartphone breathalyzers, there’s a BACtrack for every need. 

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Alcohol affects everyone differently, so how do you know what it takes to reach 0.08% BAC?

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Breathalyzer Performance Comparison

Breathalyzer Performance Comparison

See how BACtrack performs against a novelty-grade breathalyzer and the gold-standard in police breathalyzer technology.

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“Users will be able to test their blood alcohol content by tapping the Apple Watch and then blowing into the BACtrack, leaving their phone in their pocket.”

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“Use this to keep yourself alive and out of trouble.”