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Customer Testimonials

As an alcoholic in recovery, BACtrack has been an essential part of keeping a record of accountability. In a family court matter, the opposing counsel actually suggested the product, and it has been of great use in working through the difficulties inherent to documenting proof of my sobriety.

By randomly requiring tests, it has put me in the best possible position by providing the evidence and credibility I need. The app and online portal are user-friendly and comprehensive.

Finally, the customer support and follow through of the BACtrack staff is tremendous. I rely on this product and the support services, and recommend anyone place their trust in BACtrack when matters of reliable blood alcohol testing come into question.
— Scot V.
BACtrack View customer

BACtrack View gives my husband peace of mind that I am not drinking. The device is small and the app is simple to use.

— BACtrack View customer
Montclair, NJ

I’m tremendously grateful to have found BACtrack View. It is simple, convenient, and a super effective way to help stay on track.

— BACtrack View customer
Bloomfield, MI

I bought this device for a patient to document that she was no longer drinking. She loved the ease of use and comfort of knowing there is proof that she has been sober.

— BACtrack View customer
Panama City Beach, FL

My husband is a musician and has a problem with alcohol. We purchased a BACtrack and he agreed to send results to me at certain times when he’s out playing music late at night. You have no idea how much peace of mind this gives to family members of alcoholics. With this product… I don’t have to wait and wonder. I am having a relaxing evening at home, stress-free after just getting his 0.00 BAC result time stamped and verified. Thank you!

— BACtrack View customer
Los Angeles, CA

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