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BACtrack Skyn Research Program

Testers Needed for Trial of Wearable Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Device from the comfort of your own home! Collect data for scientific research with us!

We are seeking multiple adults (21+ only) for a research study to wear a small investigational wrist monitor device during the course of their normal life. BACtrack Skyn is designed to measure the alcohol coming from the skin on your wrist and then estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC) range, in near real-time.

The study is open to any adult in the continental US, and does not require any in person visits or training. For more information on the device, BACtrack Skyn, click here. 

Compensation: Testers receive the BACtrack Skyn device for free, and get to keep it and use it after the study.


  • This study will take place over the course of 4 weeks.
  • Participants will need to wear the wrist monitor for at least 10 hours every day, and make sure to remove it when showering, bathing, or in heavy rain.
    • Device is NOT water-proof and cannot be submerged in water!
  • Participants can consume alcohol as they normally do.
  • Participants must complete an on-boarding video call for instructions, as well as a 2 week check-in.
  • No daily diary or note taking is required, but a general idea of the amount of alcohol consumed is highly appreciated.


  • Now! And ongoing through summer 2023


  • Must have an iOS device (Apple iPhone). Device is compatible with the Apple Watch as well.
  • Must be willing to wear the device for 10 hrs per day.
  • Must be located in the continental USA.
  • Must be willing to do at least 2 video check-ins