There’s one in every group of friends. They keep a “who drank what” list in their pocket so they know when to cut you off. They’ve already got a cup of water waiting for you on the table--and they’re not letting you take another sip of alcohol until that water’s gone.

The Responsible Friend: a proud defender of moderation in a world of madness and indulgence.

Halloween is a great time to go out and have a few drinks with friends, but for the Responsible Friend, it’s a call to duty.

Here are five ways to tell that you’re the Responsible Friend on Halloween:

1. When your friend changes into a questionable costume, you call them out on it.


Because somebody has to.

2. When Thriller comes on, and your drunk friends think they look like this... don't tell them they actually look like this:

Sometimes it’s a terrible burden, knowing the truth. And the only way to bear that burden is to take videos. Lots of videos. And post them to Facebook the next day.

3. When nobody tells you it's a costumes-only party, you can smooth-talk your way in anyway.

This always happens. Someone else gets the details wrong and then you’re left to clean up the mess. But that’s fine, because while your drunk friends bumble about on the front porch, you’re using your unrivaled wit to talk your way inside.

4. When plans go awry and your friends end the night like this: still take care of them. Because you're such a nice person. Also because you now have pictures for blackmail. Duh.

Getting sick is the truest test of friendship, and even though it’s inexcusably disgusting (and you’re going to make them pay for it later), for the time being you know how to keep your cool.

After all...

5. The next day when all your friends are all hung over...'ll still be feeling awesome.

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