See what people are saying about BACtrack

"Our ER uses BACtrack breathalyzers to quickly administer a BAC test for incoming patients in emergency situations, where a blood test would simply take too long. Sometimes you need to know right away, and this helps us accomplish that." – Elizabeth M.

"I own a business and have employees that have a drinking problem, often times they show up to work looking like they are drunk, their job requires them to use equipment that could cause injury to them or others around them if anything goes wrong. I bought the BACtrack along with extra mouthpieces and told my employees that I would be doing random breathalyzer tests in the future. I've unfortunately had to send not only one but two employees home due to intoxication. Using the BACtrack has put my mind at ease by taking charge of the safety of my employees and company." - Business Owner, Seattle, WA

“I bought this for use in my clinical practice as a substance abuse therapist. Several of my patients smell of alcohol and always deny that they were drinking. This device is used to show the patient the Reality of their substance use and the risks to self and others. We are mandated by law to give Urine Drug Screens and I felt that a Breathalyzer should also be used for alcohol testing. This is the perfect product for our clinical needs.” - Liza K.

“I currently own and live in a Sober Living Home. I use my breathalyzer to test the women who live in our home to determine sobriety. We depend on knowing each of us is sober and our BACtrack makes that possible.”– Dani M.
Dani's Sober Living Home, Austin, TX

“I run a men's sober house and we use BACtrack regularly to test guys. I can always count on it to work properly and give me an accurate reading.” - Matt V.

“As a distiller, much of my day is spent tasting alcoholic beverages for quality control. I use my BACtrack to make sure I'm not impaired when it's time to drive home. I'm confident in it's accuracy - it helps me safely manage my work day."– Spencer M.