See what people are saying about BACtrack

“I use the S80 for police work and the results on this device match the evidentiary instruments every time.” - Rob F.

“I'm a law enforcement officer and I use this device regularly. It's very accurate and very reliable. Wonderful customer service. Fast delivery. Recommend for anybody, especially law enforcement officers." – Chris W.

"What does my BACtrack Breathalyzer give me? Excellent, accurate and fast results during a possible DUI traffic stop.” – Anthony G.

"I was a State Certified Breathalyzer Operator and have administered over a thousand breath tests. I can honestly say that after testing the BACtrack on several subjects, it is an accurate device." – Officer Pelarenos

"I am a Deputy in Harris County, TX. I investigate anywhere from 5-10 DWIs per week. This unit has given me the added ability to confirm my findings from my standardized field sobriety tests." – Texas Peace Officer, Harris County, TX

“The S80 is a fantastic unit and a super value; I highly recommend it for use in law enforcement. The results are quicker, the S80 is much more user friendly, easy to read and provides very accurate results. With the performance being what it is, I would have expected the S80 to be much more expensive than it is, but found it to be almost one half of the ‘commercial’ units that I have used in the past. I have used the larger ‘commercial’ units that are used by many law enforcement agencies and I can honestly say that the BACtrack S80 is a much easier unit to operate." – Deputy Sheriff Scott Wallace, Saline County Sheriff's Office