See what people are saying about BACtrack

"Our ER uses BACtrack breathalyzers to quickly administer a BAC test for incoming patients in emergency situations, where a blood test would simply take too long. Sometimes you need to know right away, and this helps us accomplish that." – Elizabeth M.

"You really need to learn to know your body. The best way to do that is to own a BACtrack Breathalyzer."

“Everybody has that friend who claims to be 'fine to drive' when he is not. Showing them just how over the legal limit they are might convince them to take a cab... A pretty excellent product, and it works as advertised.”

"We use our S80 breathalyzer a number of different ways. We frequently entertain. No one leaves our house with car keys until they blow. We also use it the same way with our children’s friends. Even though they are all of legal drinking age, they all tend to think they are not impaired. But the numbers don’t lie. We have taken many a set of keys away and set up the guest room."– Rachel E.

“As a distiller, much of my day is spent tasting alcoholic beverages for quality control. I use my BACtrack to make sure I'm not impaired when it's time to drive home. I'm confident in it's accuracy - it helps me safely manage my work day."– Spencer M.

“I enthusiastically support BACtrack Breathalyzers and their mission to get a breathalyzer in the hands of everyone. I know lives and families can be saved through the use of personal breathalyzers.”
– Dr. Phil

“After I got mine, my son in college would borrow it every time he was home visiting. The next Christmas, I got him one. My daughter, who is at the same college told me that my son is "all about the breathalyzer" at parties. His friends actually think it's cool and fun to try, but most importantly, they use it to decide who will drive and who won't… Anyone who ever drinks anything and drives afterwards should have one in their car.” – Laurie E.