See what people are saying about BACtrack

“Following the DUI arrest of one child, I purchased this to monitor the drinking/driving behavior of another. In addition to the reminder that "your breathalyzer will be waiting when you get home", it has become a useful teaching tool for teenagers who think "I'm fine" or "I won't get pulled over"– Mary W., California

"I bought this to test my teen daughter after being out with friends. It's easy and quick, and accurately detected when I couldn't by talking to her. Thanks BACtrack!"– California Parent

“My son has a drinking problem. In order to control his use of alcohol and ensure the safety of others we began testing him regularly. He is participating in a program now and we continue to use the BACtrack S80 to insure compliance. It is the best! Thank you!”– Susan R.

“After I got mine, my son in college would borrow it every time he was home visiting. The next Christmas, I got him one. My daughter, who is at the same college told me that my son is "all about the breathalyzer" at parties. His friends actually think it's cool and fun to try, but most importantly, they use it to decide who will drive and who won't… Anyone who ever drinks anything and drives afterwards should have one in their car.” – Laurie E.