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“This is cool!”– Shaquille O’Neal

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BACtrack Featured on MythBusters “Alcohol Myths” Episode BACtrack appears throughout the latest episode of the Discovery Channel show MythBusters. On MythBusters, Jamie, Adam and Kari apply some science to the theory that the more you drink, the more attractive you find the opposite sex.

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"You really need to learn to know your body. The best way to do that is to own a BACtrack Breathalyzer."

DeSean Jackson on BACtrack Mobile's inclusion in gift bags given to the presenters and nominees at the 2014 ESPY Awards.

"Make sure you're alright - you don't want a DUI"

– DeSean Jackson

“I enthusiastically support BACtrack Breathalyzers and their mission to get a breathalyzer in the hands of everyone. I know lives and families can be saved through the use of personal breathalyzers.”
– Dr. Phil