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“I use the S80 for police work and the results on this device match the evidentiary instruments every time.” - Rob F.

"Our ER uses BACtrack breathalyzers to quickly administer a BAC test for incoming patients in emergency situations, where a blood test would simply take too long. Sometimes you need to know right away, and this helps us accomplish that." – Elizabeth M.

“Following the DUI arrest of one child, I purchased this to monitor the drinking/driving behavior of another. In addition to the reminder that "your breathalyzer will be waiting when you get home", it has become a useful teaching tool for teenagers who think "I'm fine" or "I won't get pulled over"– Mary W., California

"I bought this to test my teen daughter after being out with friends. It's easy and quick, and accurately detected when I couldn't by talking to her. Thanks BACtrack!"– California Parent

“My son has a drinking problem. In order to control his use of alcohol and ensure the safety of others we began testing him regularly. He is participating in a program now and we continue to use the BACtrack S80 to insure compliance. It is the best! Thank you!”– Susan R.

“This is cool!”– Shaquille O’Neal

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BACtrack Featured on MythBusters “Alcohol Myths” Episode BACtrack appears throughout the latest episode of the Discovery Channel show MythBusters. On MythBusters, Jamie, Adam and Kari apply some science to the theory that the more you drink, the more attractive you find the opposite sex.

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"You really need to learn to know your body. The best way to do that is to own a BACtrack Breathalyzer."

“I'm a law enforcement officer and I use this device regularly. It's very accurate and very reliable. Wonderful customer service. Fast delivery. Recommend for anybody, especially law enforcement officers." – Chris W.

"What does my BACtrack Breathalyzer give me? Excellent, accurate and fast results during a possible DUI traffic stop.” – Anthony G.

#1 Breathalyzer Brand
Car and Driver held a breathalyzer showdown in their April, 2014 issue, judging a spectrum of devices from different manufacturers according to their design, performance, accuracy, and ease of use. The clear and undisputed winner of the test: BACtrack.

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Popular Science "Best of What's New Award in Health"
BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer received the December 2013 Best of What's New Award for its innovation in health. The Best of What's New Awards is Popular Science’s top honor. Popular Science has said BACtrack and the other award recipients are “poised to change the world,” and they “challenge us to the see the future in a new light.”at's New" Winner in Health

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BACtrack Mobile tops CNET's list of best breathalyzers

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"BACtrack Mobile is an highly accurate tool that can help you make the decision to give your keys to a sober friend or take a taxi home."

4 out of 4 stars – LA Times

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“I bought this product to keep in my glove compartment for personal use only. I am in sales, and frequently attend dinner meeting/events and occasionally consume a couple beers or glasses of wine. I have gauged myself by testing at home and am very satisfied with this product.” – Ian S.

"Having retired from law enforcement, I am very careful not to consume alcohol and drive. We are not heavy drinkers, but my wife and I will usually have one to two glasses of wine with dinner. Our daughter recommended the BACtrack to us so that we could get a feel for what our blood alcohol baseline would be. After seeing the accuracy of this little device, we are planning giving several for "stocking stuffers", along with some personal instruction. We feel that this is a very important product that everyone should have available." - John S.

"It's very interesting to see how it effects judgement and fun to guess what you THINK your blood alcohol level is and what it ACTUALLY is. Very valuable tool." - Michelle R.

"Very recently, I was able to convince a friend that he needed to sober up before getting on the road. He felt completely comfortable with getting behind the wheel until I had him use the BACtrack breathalyzer which clearly showed that he was well over the limit. He was so surprised by how much over the limit that he was that he plans to buy the same breathalyzer now to ensure that he is ok to drive." - Tim A.

"I like craft beer and sometimes the alcohol content is higher than I expect. My breathalyzer has saved me from driving drunk three times when I thought I was ok. It only takes once to make a life changing event. I love my Breathalyzer." - Mike R.

"I take this device everywhere... I mean everywhere I go if I know alcohol will be served. Even if I don't drink, I can use this device on a friend, family or even a stranger who just is curious on his or her drinking consumption." - Charles C.

"I think this device is great for people who are genuinely concerned about driving under the influence, or more importantly, how easy it can be to misjudge how intoxicated they are." - Ted G.

DeSean Jackson on BACtrack Mobile's inclusion in gift bags given to the presenters and nominees at the 2014 ESPY Awards.

"Make sure you're alright - you don't want a DUI"

– DeSean Jackson

Good Morning America's "What You'll Want in 2014"

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“BACtrack's Mobile Breathalyzer, which can analyze a user's BAC on the fly, makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone to quantify all of that imbibing data and hold a mirror up to their drinking habits.” – Fast Company

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"Tracking your behavior is the best way to make real and lasting change." – Yahoo

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“Even if you don't feel buzzed, seeing the numbers gives you a certain awareness you can't deny.” – LA Times

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"I have purchased 3 of these now for friends and family. It is very accurate and a great way to educate someone on what a drink can do. I suggest anyone that drinks to get one.” – John T.

"This device has changed my understanding of how alcohol levels are not what you might think. All alcoholic drinks are not the same. I pay much more attention now to the percentage of alcohol in beers and wine when out at dinner. The penalties for drunk driving are just too severe and not worth the risk." – Carl F.

”We often have get togethers in our home for friends and family. This product is so helpful in determining if someone we care about is safe to drive. Everyone knows they will be tested before they leave and understands if we take the keys. I highly recommend this product!” - Carla N.

"I bought your S80 Pro breathalyzer a couple months ago, and love it… it was eye opening to measure how you felt after X amount of drinks to your corresponding BAC level. In most cases, I felt fine, but was over the limit… I’ve already convinced two co-workers to buy the same one, and just this week three more said they would buy as well. There’s no reason why you can’t shell out $150, when a DUI could cost you over $10,000 or something even more severe. I just wanted to say thank you—and I’m spreading the word!" – Tony I.
Dr. Pepper/Snapple

"Anyone who enjoys alcoholic beverages should own this device and use it regularly."– A.J.

"I own a business and have employees that have a drinking problem, often times they show up to work looking like they are drunk, their job requires them to use equipment that could cause injury to them or others around them if anything goes wrong. I bought the BACtrack along with extra mouthpieces and told my employees that I would be doing random breathalyzer tests in the future. I've unfortunately had to send not only one but two employees home due to intoxication. Using the BACtrack has put my mind at ease by taking charge of the safety of my employees and company." - Business Owner, Seattle, WA

"I was a State Certified Breathalyzer Operator and have administered over a thousand breath tests. I can honestly say that after testing the BACtrack on several subjects, it is an accurate device." – Officer Pelarenos

"I am a Deputy in Harris County, TX. I investigate anywhere from 5-10 DWIs per week. This unit has given me the added ability to confirm my findings from my standardized field sobriety tests." – Texas Peace Officer, Harris County, TX

“I bought this for use in my clinical practice as a substance abuse therapist. Several of my patients smell of alcohol and always deny that they were drinking. This device is used to show the patient the Reality of their substance use and the risks to self and others. We are mandated by law to give Urine Drug Screens and I felt that a Breathalyzer should also be used for alcohol testing. This is the perfect product for our clinical needs.” - Liza K.

“I currently own and live in a Sober Living Home. I use my breathalyzer to test the women who live in our home to determine sobriety. We depend on knowing each of us is sober and our BACtrack makes that possible.”– Dani M.
Dani's Sober Living Home, Austin, TX

“I run a men's sober house and we use BACtrack regularly to test guys. I can always count on it to work properly and give me an accurate reading.” - Matt V.

“The S80 is a fantastic unit and a super value; I highly recommend it for use in law enforcement. The results are quicker, the S80 is much more user friendly, easy to read and provides very accurate results. With the performance being what it is, I would have expected the S80 to be much more expensive than it is, but found it to be almost one half of the ‘commercial’ units that I have used in the past. I have used the larger ‘commercial’ units that are used by many law enforcement agencies and I can honestly say that the BACtrack S80 is a much easier unit to operate." – Deputy Sheriff Scott Wallace, Saline County Sheriff's Office

“Very accurate and reliable - please buy one because it might very well save a life!” – Mark F.

“I am an engineer and was impressed with the design specifications of the S80. I've actually experimented with a number of different breathalyzers over the years but this is the one I own. I wanted one that the cops use. I mostly use it for fun when drinking with my friends. It was interesting to see how each drink incrementally increased your BAC. It's not bad information to have before going out.” – AJ P.

"DUI's are very expensive. Whether you are a regular drinker or occasional, your true BAC will surprise you. Stay out of trouble and get one!" – Todd F.

Our family purchased the BACtrack S80 breathalyzer after knowing someone very close to us convicted of a DWI. Now everyone in our family tests before driving any vehicle after consuming any alcohol. It can save lives! – Robert G.

“Everybody has that friend who claims to be 'fine to drive' when he is not. Showing them just how over the legal limit they are might convince them to take a cab... A pretty excellent product, and it works as advertised.”

"We use our S80 breathalyzer a number of different ways. We frequently entertain. No one leaves our house with car keys until they blow. We also use it the same way with our children’s friends. Even though they are all of legal drinking age, they all tend to think they are not impaired. But the numbers don’t lie. We have taken many a set of keys away and set up the guest room."– Rachel E.

“As a distiller, much of my day is spent tasting alcoholic beverages for quality control. I use my BACtrack to make sure I'm not impaired when it's time to drive home. I'm confident in it's accuracy - it helps me safely manage my work day."– Spencer M.

“I enthusiastically support BACtrack Breathalyzers and their mission to get a breathalyzer in the hands of everyone. I know lives and families can be saved through the use of personal breathalyzers.”
– Dr. Phil

“After I got mine, my son in college would borrow it every time he was home visiting. The next Christmas, I got him one. My daughter, who is at the same college told me that my son is "all about the breathalyzer" at parties. His friends actually think it's cool and fun to try, but most importantly, they use it to decide who will drive and who won't… Anyone who ever drinks anything and drives afterwards should have one in their car.” – Laurie E.