8 White Elephant Gifts in 2017 That Don’t Suck


December 07, 2017

Ah, the annual white elephant gift exchange. Whether it’s at the office Christmas party among co-workers, or at home among friends, this tradition is always a delightful mix of laughter, competition and disappointment.

Rather than being the person that brings a gift people will lightly chuckle over in the moment, but ultimately discard, why not be the person that brings the gift that everyone will want? Afterall, just because a white elephant gift can be a gag gift, doesn’t mean it has to be a gag gift.

We’ve scoured the interwebs and curated this delightful list of the best white elephant gifts for 2017 that even the hardest person to shop for will find useful. And here they are (in no particular order).

2017 White Elephant Gifts That Don’t Suck

1. Flexible iPhone Dock ($30)

BOBINE FLEX is an iPhone charger, dock and stand all in one! It works even with a case on your phone, and is completely maneuverable to fit your needs. It can easily be mounted in your car, office or home, and anywhere in between.

2. BACtrack Breathalyzers ($30-100)

This is the gift people didn’t realize they needed, but then don’t know how they lived without. BACtracks are accurate and trustworthy, and easily estimate your BAC in seconds. There’s a variety of different models, from police-grade to keychain. The award-winning BACtrack Mobile Pro even has a corresponding app that can estimate when you’ll likely be sober based on your last reading! The holiday parties are in full-swing already, so choose this gift to eliminate the guesswork.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier ($25)

The Cool Mist Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser is a relaxing joy for all of your senses (well except taste, we don’t recommend tasting it.) It releases a quiet, soft mist to help combat winter dryness, and can easily be equipped with your favorite essential oil for a delightful aromatherapy experience. It even has 7 LED light choices. Everyone gets stressed, especially around the Holidays, so this is sure to be a welcome gift for anyone one your list.

4. George Foreman 2-in-1 Grill & Panini Press ($30)

In the wise words of Joey Tribbiani, “meat...gooood.” We agree, and this George Foreman 2-in-1 Grill and Panini Press lets you have your meat in whatever form you’d like, whether it’s standalone, or expertly pressed between two slices of sourdough bread. We promise your coworkers will get more use out of this than another ironic desk calendar.

5. Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener ($25)

With the Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener, your giftee will receive the gift of time - it may only be a matter of seconds, but depending on how much wine they drink, those seconds can really add up! This attractive wine opener is wireless, rechargeable, and works with the touch of a button. The LED lights and included foil cutter are classy touches as well.

6. Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switches ($30)

Don’t be deceived by their plain exterior, these bad boys pack a powerful punch. Nobody likes to get up off the couch once they sit down, and with this gift, they won’t have to. The Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switches let you choose which appliances to control by remote, and can be setup to control everything from one remote, or multiple remotes. The power is yours.

7. Amazon Echo Dot ($50)

Do you remember when the original iPod came out and it cost $400? It’s true, it was in 2001, and it only played music. Now we have the Echo Dot from Amazon, featuring a voice-controlled personal assistant, Alexa, for just $50. She can tell you the weather, keep track of your calendar, order you a pizza and control your thermostat. She may end up controlling us all one day, but until that happens, she make a wonderful white elephant gift that people will definitely fight over.

8. 7-Foot Inflatable Cocker Spaniel ($50)

There really isn’t much to say here, this big fella's face says it all. He’s the most adorable, giant Christmas inflatable ever, as well as a very good boy.

So don’t settle for bringing yet another passive-aggressive mug, or debatably humorous desk toy to the 2017 white elephant gift exchange! Bring one of these eight gifts and be the hit of the party. (And yes, we think it’s fine if you choose your own gift, that’s probably what we would do too.)



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