Budweiser Ad Drives Home the Meaning of Drinking Responsibly


September 26, 2014

Could it be the dog, the concept, or the emotion elicited? Whatever it is, Budweiser is taking a big step toward drinking responsibly with an ad that plays like a heart string concerto and makes the repercussions of drinking and driving come to life.

Created for their Global Be(er) Responsible Day, which was last Friday, Budweiser's ad can be seen as a sequel to their last ridiculously cute dog-themed ad, Puppy Love, which aired during the Super Bowl this year.

We here at BACtrack are so glad the protagonist in this story decided to use a BACtrack Breathalyzer before he made a bad decision. That's what they are there for!

Seriously, though, it's admirable that a brand as big as Budweiser is taking steps like this to make well crafted advertisements championing the drinking and driving message. 



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  • This a credit to Bud and to BACtrack. Thank you both.

    Tom Otchy on

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