Accuracy (Keychain)

December 08, 2014

Proprietary Sensor Technology. Unparalleled Precision.

Every BACtrack breathalyzer is engineered around the two factors that most influence accuracy: sensor type and optimal breath capture.

MicroCheck® Sensor Technology

Our consumer breathalyzers employ Advanced MicroCheck® Sensor Technology. Using a semiconductor sensor as a base, these sensors go through a patented burn-in process, which delivers more accurate and reliable results when compared to standard semiconductor sensors.

Optimal Breath Capture

Breathalyzer accuracy begins with an effective breath capture mechanism. BACtrack breathalyzers are carefully designed to exclude ambient air, fumes, and other airborne gases that could contaminate results.

To enhance accuracy, all BACtrack pro-grade models feature a miniature solenoid air pump to test only air from the deep lungs.

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