Calibration Details

May 28, 2015


   About Breathalyzer Calibration

The BACtrack calibration process is a delicate one, requiring a trained lab technician in a controlled environment. Known alcohol concentrations are passed through the sensor to set baseline values for testing. Technicians ensure the unit’s accuracy at all levels of intoxication.

But that’s not all you get with a BACtrack calibration--we also run each unit through a full diagnostic test, which includes a mechanical check, an air flow check, and an accuracy check. After these tests are completed, the accuracy is verified with a double blind point-to-point assessment. Breathalyzers that pass this rigorous evaluation are then returned with a Calibration Service Report, ensuring that the breathalyzer has been thoroughly inspected and returned to you in working order.

If your BACtrack fails any of these standards and we can’t repair or calibrate it, BACtrack Customer Support will work to get you a replacement--free of charge if it falls under our standard one-year warranty.

The Benefits of Calibration
BACtrack Breathalyzers are precision instruments, and when taken care of with periodic calibrations, will last longer and perform more optimally for you. The BACtrack Calibration Lab operates with DOT-certified solutions and trained technicians to calibrate and repair your device quickly and with the utmost care.

When to Get your BACtrack Calibrated

If your breathalyzer is providing inconsistent test results, is not providing any test results, or provides unusually high or low test results, the product should be calibrated immediately by a trained professional. Not calibrating the unit per the suggested time frames can harm the sensor.

Pro Grade Breathalyzers (such as the BACtrack S80 Pro, Trace Pro, or Mobile Pro) hold calibration longer than do the non-Pro Grade units (such as the BACtrack S35, Vio or Keychain). BACtrack recommends that you calibrate your Pro Grade breathalyzer at least every 12 months, while the non-Pro Grade units may need servicing closer to every 6 months; depending on the performance you observe and require. If the breathalyzer is used every day, it may need to be calibrated more frequently.

It’s also worth remembering that if a breathalyzer isn’t used for a period of time—say, 4-5 weeks—the sensor can dry out. We suggest that even if you don’t plan on using your breathalyzer for a while, turn the unit on and breathe into it at least once a month in order to keep the sensor in good working condition.

If you have a question about how your breathalyzer is behaving contact BACtrack Customer Service.

How to Get your Breathalyzer Calibrated

These instructions are for calibrations paid for with a debit or credit card, which is the most expedient way. To pay by check, click here to find out how. Note: paying by check will delay the processing time by three or more additional business days.

1. Choose the model of BACtrack breathalyzer and the Service Level from the drop down boxes. Note: if you are getting more than one model of breathalyzer calibrated, add them to your cart one at a time. The price is $24.99 per Pro Grade unit, and $19.99 per non-Pro Grade unit.

2. Place the order for the calibration from this page. Serial numbers can be found in the breathalyzer's battery compartment. If you don't know the exact date of purchase, you may estimate it. These numbers are just for reference. 

3. You will receive an emailed receipt immediately, which will include the shipping instructions. Print this email out and include it with your unit. For reference our shipping address is: 

BACtrack Breathalyzers
Attn. Calibrations
300 Broadway, Ste 26
San Francisco, CA 94133 

4. Carefully package the unit in either a small box or padded envelope. Include in the package the order confirmation email. (You do not need to include any calibration order forms--just the printed email). To ensure delivery of your unit, we recommend that you obtain delivery confirmation with the shipment. 

5. For Standard Service, your product will be calibrated and shipped back to you within approximately 10-14 business days in the US. The calibration payment covers service on the product, and return shipping is paid by BACtrack as a courtesy (US addresses only). For Expedited Service,  your product will be calibrated and shipped back to you within approximately 4-5 business days in the US. The calibration payment covers rush service on the product, and U.S Priority Mail return shipping is paid by BACtrack as a courtesy (US addresses only). Please include "Expedited Service" on your mailing label when you send your breathalyzer to us.

6. Your credit card will only be charged after your breathalyzer is received and calibration service is performed.

BACtrack Calibration FAQs

How long will it take to calibrate my breathalyzer?
After we receive your BACtrack, it will take 5-7 business days to calibrate and service your unit, and 5-7 business days to ship the unit back to you - a total of 10-14 business days. With Expedited Service, allow just 4-5 business days for service and shipping. Please allow for a longer ship time during the holidays and to addresses outside the US.

Can I recalibrate my BACtrack myself?
No. To correctly calibrate our breathalyzers, it requires the use of advanced breath alcohol simulators and trained BACtrack Calibration Technicians.

What happens to my unit if I don’t get it calibrated regularly?
A BACtrack Breathalyzer that hasn’t been calibrated regularly may not provide accurate readings.

I have another, non-BACtrack branded breathalyzer. Can you calibrate it for me?
Sorry, we can only service BACtrack Breathalyzers.

I didn’t buy my BACtrack from this website—can you still calibrate my breathalyzer?
Yes. No matter where you bought it, we are happy to service any BACtrack product.

Is calibration included in the one-year warranty?
No. The warranty is limited to defects with the unit, and does not include routine maintenance such as calibration.