Live Human Testing

BACtrack performs quality control tests using real people, as this is the optimal way to simulate how customers out in the field use our breathalyzers. This method can best reproduce unique human usage, natural breath flow patterns, changes in BAC over the course of a breath, and variations in human lung capacity, all of which can affect a breathalyzer’s performance.

After consuming alcoholic beverages and waiting 15 minutes, subjects test their estimated BAC by breathing into the DataMaster, and then into our breathalyzers. Results are then mapped on a graph to determine breathalyzer performance.


Schedule a Tune Up

Stop by our offices or send your unit in at any time to have it professionally tested by trained experts, and recalibrated if necessary. Write to us at to request an appointment or check out our calibration page. Law enforcement officers are always welcome for a free calibration and diagnostic checkup!

Become a Tester

If you are 21+ and would like to become a tester at our next round of quality control testing, email us at with your name and phone number.